2.4 Meter Whisker Pole Jib End Fitting

2.4mR Whisker Pole Jib End Fitting

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Introducing the 2.4mR Whisker Pole Jib End Fitting – an exceptional accessory meticulously designed for peak performance and lasting durability. Our fittings are precision-crafted through advanced 3D printing technology, utilizing ASA, a UV-stable variant of ABS, to withstand the rigors of maritime environments.


Engineered with utmost precision, our fittings are constructed from ASA, ensuring superior UV stability and resilience against the elements. This high-quality material guarantees that your 2.4mR Whisker Pole Jib End Fitting maintains its strength and reliability over extended use.

Key Features:

Wide Internal Chamfer:

Simplify your sailing experience with the wide internal chamfer. This feature allows for easy re-running of your lines through the pole without the need to remove the fittings or enlist the help of others. Streamlined and user-friendly, it enhances the overall efficiency of your setup.


Experience the advantage of reduced weight. These fittings weigh, on average, half as much as the stock fitting, contributing to enhanced agility and responsiveness on the water. Enjoy the benefits of a lighter load without compromising strength or durability.

Technical Data

Material ASA
Length 1.88"
Fits pole with wall thickness 0.065" thk)
Fits pole with OD 1.00"
Line Dia .380"

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