Snipe Whisker Pole Jib End Fitting

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Introducing the Snipe Whisker Pole Jib End Fitting – an engineering marvel crafted for superior performance and durability. Our fittings are expertly 3D printed using ASA, a UV-stable variant of ABS, ensuring resilience even in the face of challenging maritime conditions.


Engineered with precision, our fittings are constructed with ASA, providing exceptional UV stability for prolonged exposure to the elements. This high-quality material guarantees that your Snipe Whisker Pole Jib End Fitting remains robust and reliable over time.

Key Features:

  1. Wide Internal Chamfer - This feature allows you to easily re-run your lines through the pole without the need to take off the fittings or get all of your friends involved. 
  2. Light Weight - These fittings weigh on average half as much as the stock fitting.

Technical Data

Male side OD .870" dia.
Length of Male side 1.250"
Length OA 1.88"
OD 1.25"
Rope ID .380"

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