Snipe Whisker Pole Slider | Version 2

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Introducing the Snipe Whisker Pole Sleeve Fitting – precision crafted for optimal performance and durability. Our fittings are meticulously printed using ASA, a UV-stable variant of ABS, ensuring longevity even under the harshest conditions.


Crafted with precision, our fittings boast the resilience of ASA, providing UV stability for extended outdoor use. The high-quality material ensures your Snipe Whisker Pole Sleeve Fitting maintains its structural integrity over time.

Key Features

Longitudinal Slots:

Reduce friction and wear with intelligently designed longitudinal slots. These slots enhance the overall functionality, ensuring smooth and efficient performance, while simultaneously extending the lifespan of your Snipe Whisker Pole Sleeve Fitting.

Inline bungee attachment:

Makes connection to your boom easier while reducing wear points.

Technical Data

ID 1.270"
OD 2.00"
Length 1.60"
Rope Dia 0.32"

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